Therapeutic Dream Workshop

— Six weekly classes starting November 28, 2020. —
Using Hypnosis and Brain Training for Greater Awareness, Deeper Sleep, Physical Health, and Vibrant Dreams.
therapeutic dreaming sleep dreams hypnosis
“The class opened a new world that has me as I’m now looking forward to entering each night and savoring the morning.” — Jeff G.

Drawing from the books The Path To Sleep, and Becoming Lucid.

Six class package: USD$ 99 (or CAD$ 135 ) for all 6 classes.

  • 6 ZOOM Classes, PDF handouts, digital books, & MP3 Audio files

  • Video presentations recorded and available for review

  • 24-7 Chat room for all questions and comments

  • Online class links sent upon registration

CLASS #1: What Are Dreams?

Sat. Nov 28, 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PST)

via ZOOM

Dreaming dreams

If you want to understand your dreams, learn who’s speaking to you and why. Half of understanding your dreams rests on how well you know yourself. The other half on what you hide from yourself.

  • Meeting #1: The structure of the subconscious as reflected in dreams: you do not “understand” dreams, you experience them.
  • Meeting #2: Group discussion. Specific dreams and situations of your life.

CLASS #2: Remembering Dreams

Sat. Dec. 5, 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PST)

via ZOOM

Dreaming dreams

Remembering dreams reviews preparing to have, aligning yourself with, arranging to interrupt, & giving time to record dreams.

  • Meeting #1: Make time, disturb your sleep, be at the right place and time, record your efforts. Turn your mind inward while awake; insist on participating in the dreams you’ll have.
  • Meeting #2: Discussion, review, explorations, revelations, and comparison.

CLASS #3: Dreams For Better Sleep

Sat. Dec 12 , 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PST)

via ZOOM

Dreaming dreams

COVID-19 has created uncertainty in our communities, and confusion and anxiety in our minds. Recognizing this invisible hand provides an immediate measure of relief. You can go further: you can contain and relieve it. Start with your dreams as they are the foundation of your emotions.

  • Meeting #1: Bring up subconscious associations and enlarge issues. Allay, resolve, accept, or remove them.
  • Meeting #2: Group discussion. Guided visualization. Collective dreams and situations of our lives.

CLASS #4: Dream Friends and Brain Frequencies

Sat. Dec. 19 , 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PST)

via ZOOM

Dreaming dreams

Your dreams lie on the other side of the boundary of your ego, patrolled by the spirits that protect you. With their permission, you can meet them. Train your brain to comfortable rhythms. The struggles in your psyche are not child’s play, but we are still children. You can learn to play a helpful role.

  • Meeting #1: How to ask for inner balance and guidance for the purpose of meeting what’s threatening, foreign, and powerful.
  • Meeting #2: Discussion of self-hypnosis. Individual suggestions. Guided visualization.

CLASS #5: Taking Dreams Into Daylight

Sat. Dec. 26 , 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PST)

via ZOOM

Dreaming dreams

What you take as real may consist, in large part, of other people’s projections.
Invite your dreams into your day-life and take an active role in crafting your projections.
Recognize the emotions you take for granted, and exercise control over what you feel.
The exercise is to gain control over the projecting you otherwise do unknowingly. When you recognize the role you play in making your world real, you can play an active role in arranging other thoughts, feelings, and projections. This work aims to improve your power to construct what you believe in.
  • Meeting #1: Control your focus and state of mind. Construct visions, emotions, and states of mind that you can move into or out of. Retain contact with your feelings.
  • Meeting #2: Group discussion. Guided visualization. Comparison of our realities, recognition of their differences.

CLASS #6: Dream Building

Sat. Jan. 2, 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PDT)

via ZOOM

Dreaming dreams

  1. Give your weaknesses identities and balance them with symbols of strength.
  2. Understand these in your conscious world and then move them into dreams.
  3. Dreams unfold a deeper reality and build a dialog with your subconscious.
  4. In your conscious state, explore the relationships that unfold.
  • Meeting #1: Dissociating into your different selves while retaining connection, empathy, and alliance. Recognize parts of yourself you have forgotten or are ashamed of, and building up their opposites. Guided visualization.
  • Meeting #2: Discussion of self-hypnosis. Individual suggestions and visualizations.

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Time is a canvas. Experience time passing as the rhythm of your life.
Frequency is the measure of time. Tune your body’s rhythms.
You are a song of attention. Refine your awareness.
Synchronize your energies in sleep.


Stress causes exhaustion. Remove it from every bone, joint, muscle, and organ.
Relax your presence and expectations. Explore reframing everything.
Examine reality. Consider what’s plausible. Create new possibilites.
Accept dreams as a thinking process to be involved with.


Dreams are a pantomime of legacy, action, thought, and feeling.
You are an actor in a hologram where every object is a prism.
You are in every story but always larger than it.
Illuminate awareness through dreaming.


Other memories of your history lead to other aspects of yourself that now exist.
Different future choices lead to different persons you could become.
In dreams these come together simultaneously.
Dreams recombine many possibilities.
Accept your creativity.

In the Therapeutic Dreaming Workshop you will learn:

  • A new relationship with sleep; to dream as an invitation.

  • Dreams as mental rhythms.

  • Self-hypnosis to open your mind to new ideas.

  • To accept dreams as feeling, moods, and emotions.

  • Mind exercises to influence your dreams.

  • To explore both conscious and subconscious issues, the literal and the symbolic.

  • Thinking fractally, rhythmically, and holistically.

  • Why insomnia is not what you think it is, and ways to deal with it.

  • Anxieties are like patients coming to you for help.

  • Basic physiology of dreams, sleep, and health.

  • Greater clarity, depth, and intention when asleep and while awake.

  • Broader focus to embrace more of what is important.

  • A deeper grounding that comes from listening to more parts of yourself.

  • Pay more attention to the process of attention, and less attention to the objects of it.

  • Sleep as the measure of your psycho-physical health.

  • Your life depends on giving sleep an importance equal to wakefulness.

  • An opportunity to explore dreams as a source of creative potential and revelation.