Honesty is the power you’re not ready for. The more, the better.

“The difference between being a Failure and being a Victim is a state of mind, because it is all about who you think is in control.”
David Summerton, business consultant

In the book A Road Back From Schizophrenia, author Arnhild Lauveng describes her progression into full-blown schizophrenia and her eventual recovery from it. The book is interesting because it chronicles what Western psychiatry claims is medically impossible—healing schizophrenia—and because it’s a first-person account of the reasons for this behavior.

The result is a logical explanation of the role of hallucinations and dissociation not based on trauma or neurological dysfunction, but involving both in subtle ways. The story makes plausible the descent into and the subsequent emergence from schizophrenia. It follows an oddly twisted logic of a hypersensitive person who can’t think straight. Aspects of this story also apply to normal thought and behavior…

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