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Sat. Nov. 28, 2020
Sat. Dec. 5, 2020
Sat. Dec. 12, 2020
Sat. Dec. 19, 2020
Sat. Dec. 26, 2020
Sat. Jan. 2, 2021

Your book is unique and unlike any other in regards to sleep. I’m so glad I found it, or maybe it found me.
— Michael D.

Before Lincoln Stoller’s class, my attitude towards sleep was fraught with anxiety and struggle. The class opened a new world that has me looking forward to entering each night and savoring the morning.”
— Jeff G.

Therapeutic Dreaming Workshop

Therapeutic dreaming is using your dreams as a tool for improving your spirit, sense of purpose, physical and mental health. It involves better management of your sleep and greater involvement with your dreams. These are the means of the program, not its goals. Both of these happen as a result of this work, and they happen because you have a reason to make them happen. That is where things start.

Traditionally, sleep is approached as something we strive for. Here, we approach sleep as a tool to address health issues, changing our sleep patterns to enhance our health. Sleep is a medicine and a means, not an end in itself. This, alone, improves your sleep, as sleep becomes a part of an active, life plan.

Traditionally, dreams are things we listen to as they make enigmatic statements that bemuse and confound us. Here, dreams are enlisted to work on issues and we make a major change by becoming actively engaged with them. We no longer look at dreams as a funny, incidental language, we enlist them to lead us into the mysterious issues of our lives.

When the enigma of dreams is applied to the darkness of ourselves selves the process of dreaming takes on a new light. Dreams are not disorganized reports about our organized life, they are organized reports of our disorganized lives.

You will learn:

  • A new relationship with sleep; a means to measure balance in your waking life.
  • Self-hypnosis to open your mind to new ideas about yourself.
  • Mind exercises to influence your sleep and dreams.
  • Brain frequencies for sleep, relaxation, and emotional control.
  • Thinking fractally, rhythmically, and holistically; to think symbolically.
  • Why insomnia is not what you think it is, and ways to work with it.
  • Physiology of dreams, sleep, and health.
  • Clarity, depth, and intention when asleep and awake.
  • Deeper grounding that comes from listening to more parts of yourself.
  • Paying more attention to the process of attention, and less attention to the objects of it.
  • Explore dreams as a source of creative potential and revelation.

All classes, text, and audio files included. Free link to Becoming Lucid, Self-Awareness in Sleeping & Waking Life

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