“I am sleeping better… I have listened to many of your tapes, made notes on those I liked, and am repeating them and they have been helpful. Your use of paradox, misdirection and wordplay has been good to distract my hyper-vigilance.” — Ian B.

“Since the class my sleep seems to have improved. Instead of waking up at 1am or 3 AM I’m not waking up until 5:30 or 6 AM… I’m a slacker and this class is a lot more involved than I thought it would be (which is a good thing). There’s still lots for me to improve.”—Kate P.

“I can say without doubt: my sleep has improved a lot. I can fall asleep faster with much fewer days lying in bed trying to fall asleep… Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to live a better, healthier life.” —Deborah E.

“This is a most refreshing ‘hands on’ approach to understand and to improve our natural sleep capacities. Supplemented with Lincoln’s audio hypnotic sessions, I was right away on a better path to recognizing my body’s innate ability and desire for life-affirming sleep. Interestingly, as soon as I began the program, my dream recall improved.” —Diana H.

“My Fitbit sleep scores improved dramatically! I suggest, ‘Take this class!’ You, too, may find your sleep improves because Lincoln really knows how to manage all variants of sleep.”—Ann H.

(6 months later…) “I have continued with the Fitbit reports and, ever since your class, I have often gotten scores above 90, which are considered excellent. I have found the materials and techniques you provided in the sleep class were certainly of value. Delta waves have lowered my deep sleep and probably increased my scores. Most important to me was learning about beta waves.”—Ann H.

USD $ 75 (CAD $ 105)
4 remote classes + 4 remote chat sessions
via ZOOM


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Learn sleep as a mode of healing,
a way to resolve conflicts, a path
to better relationships, an integration
of body and mind. Sleep deeper,
faster, with control, presence and
comfort, for the rest of your life.


Frequency is the measure of time. Tune your awareness to improve, and enhance your body’s rhythms, each different: breath, pulse, thought, movement, sight, digestion, attention. Synchronize your foundation.


Remove tension from every bone, joint, muscle, and organ. Listen for stress, explore constriction, and your body will guide you to their release. Enhanced sleep starts with letting go.


Pain is an altered state you can intercept and redirect. With mind alone you can erase it by half. With practice you may create complete comfort, permanently, and without drugs!


Speak to that part of you that hears but does not answer. State your most important intentions. Sleep is both a place you start from, and go to. Be at home before your deepest self. Enter sleep moving toward purpose.


Be discerning of the day’s ingredients, attitudes, and atmosphere. Craft a nighttime quiet, clean, and clear not just within you, but around you. Your daily rhythms are the tides of sleep.

Integrating tools from physics,
psychology, astrology, shamanism,
neurology, physiology, hypnosis,
biofeedback, meditation, energy
and traditional Chinese medicine.

Through this course you will:

  • Use sleep more flexibly and responsibly.

  • Understand sleep’s long term importance to your health.

  • Understand how to use sleep to obtain optimal function.

  • Achieve a hyper-focused state to improve learning anything.

  • Overcome anxiety to achieve relaxation.

  • Better perceive your own mental rhythms.

  • Better control your environment.

  • Better resolve conscious issues.

  • Dream with greater clarity, depth, and intention.

  • Sleep better, and with more control.

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