Path to Sleep: PDF and Audio files


12 chapters and 26 hypnotic audio sessions teaching the neural, mental, an physical skills of sleep.


To Sleep, To Dream, Part I

The Path to Sleep,
Exercises for an Ancient Skill

This workbook contains 26 hypnotic sessions that teach your subconscious the neural, mental, an physical skills of sleep. These inductions are read by the author, and are available as MP3 files. You can stream these audio files, or download them to a portable audio player.

The training is divided into 12 chapters, each with two or more hypnotic lessons, and each chapter expected to take 1 week to learn. This is experiential material. You don’t just read it or hear it, you are meant to absorb it by repeatedly listening to the exercises.

The book is also provided in text form so that you can both read and listen to the chapters.

To view and hear samples from the book, CLICK HERE

Upon purchase of the book you’ll be sent the URL, and necessary password to access all the material. If you order from this page, note that you can choose to list the price in US of CA dollars.

You can purchase The Path To Sleep in digital, print, or audio book form through Amazon by clicking here.


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