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“Where other books on lucid dreaming focus on the dreaming, this book focuses on becoming lucid in dreaming and waking states. Dreams can offer an easier path to lucidity because of the contrast between dreaming and lucidity: you think you understand what it is to be lucid in normal dreams, so you think you understand what you’re trying to accomplish…

“This book is a means for exploring consciousness. Finding lucidity is just the first step; just a doorway. Once you gain lucidity, the real question is, ‘What are you now lucid of?’ ”      – From Becoming Lucid

Chapter Text

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Table of Contents


Becoming Lucid-1, Introduction

Becoming Lucid-2, Having Dreams

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Becoming Lucid-3, Finding Meaning
Becoming Lucid-4, Being Lucid
Becoming Lucid-5, Waking Lucidity
Becoming Lucid-6, Hypnagogic Lucidity
Becoming Lucid-7, Dreaming Lucidity
Becoming Lucid-8, Hypnopompic Lucidity
Becoming Lucid-9, Beyond Lucidity


About the Author


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MP3 Audio Files

for Chapter 1 – Remember Dreams MP3

for Chapter 2 – Magic Hands MP3

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3 – Tapestry MP3
4 – Mindscape MP3
5 – Being Awake MP3
6 – Illuminations MP3
7 – Stepping Off MP3
8 – Crossroads MP3
9 – Welcome to The End MP3

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