The Path to Sleep

“We take the most difficult things for granted. Feeling entitled to life, liberty, and happiness we don’t feel the need to learn about love, hate, identity, family, or children. Do you think you know these things by instinct? How about breathing, eating, or standing up straight? How about sleeping?”

– from The Path to Sleep

“First, let me tell you how much I enjoyed your class. It was a wake-up reminder that I am in control of my brain. It is not easy, but I am definitely getting a better quality of sleep.”— Alexandra S.

“I can say without doubt: my sleep has improved a lot. I can fall asleep faster with much fewer days lying in bed trying to fall asleep… Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to live a better, healthier life.” — Deborah E.

“I am sleeping better… I have listened to many of your tapes, made notes on those I liked, and am repeating them and they have been helpful.”— Ian B.

“Your book is unique and unlike any other in regards to sleep. I’m so glad I found it, or maybe it found me.”— Michael D.

“This is a most refreshing ‘hands on’ approach to understand and to improve our natural sleep capacities… I was right away on a better path to recognizing my body’s innate ability and desire for life-affirming sleep.” — Diana H.

“Before I heard about Lincoln Stoller’s sleep class I thought my sleep was fine, but just on a hunch, I decided to see what would happen if I were to experience what more I could learn, and, amazingly, I discovered my Fitbit sleep scores improved dramatically! I suggest, take this class!”—Ann H.

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Sample Audio Files:

Each chapter in the digital and printed books contain links to two audio exercises, sampled below.

WARNING: Do not listen to this material while operating machinery, or in situations where you need to share your attention with the world around you. Do not listen to this material while riding a bike or driving a car. This material will not put you to sleep completely, but it will put you into a state that is not entirely awake.


Letting Go of Disturbing Issues (download audio MP3)

“For this issue, I would like you to create an image, a token. Some object that you can associate with this issue. It doesn’t have to be something actually related to it, but something that comes to mind or sight. It might be something that just makes you feel good…”

Focused Rhythms, Heart and Lung (download audio MP3)

Focus your attention on your hands, and let them relax. Let them grow large in feeling, and feel a wave unfold from your shoulders, past your upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, and into your hands…

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