My interview with Sheryl Garratt, coaching professionally creative people.


Making stuff is part of who you’re supposed to be. So get on with making it, even if it’s awful. That’s what we have to offer as creatives: ourselves!.”
Sheryl Garratt

“There has to be periods where you’re exploring and thinking what’s next for you… but there has to be a point where you stop and actually start making something… And if you never get to that stage, first, you never make anything, and second, you miss all that learning you get from going down the wrong directions.”

“If you try to produce one perfect thing, I can guarantee you that you will never produce anything.”

“If you take care of the quantity, the quality will, to an extent, look after itself. You have to take hundreds of pictures to make five great photographs. You have to write a lot of songs to have 20 good songs on an album. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just have to begin.”

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