“Trust is like love. Both parties have to feel it before it really exists.”
Simon Sinek

Last week, a journalist solicited my opinions on male friendships. With disdain for what psychologists say, I responded based on my experience in mountaineering…

The key therapeutic ingredients are courage, patience, honesty, and commitment. I apply these to all problems and I try to bring them to everyone’s attention. I keep these in mind in all my work.

The attraction of extreme sports is strong and unambiguous feedback. Tests yourself, if that’s what it takes to gain trust in yourself, but don’t get habituated on risk-taking. Make grace your object, not achievement.

Could you share insights into the emotional dynamics?

Emotional depth and communication?

What misconceptions do people have?

What is the role of non-verbal communication?

How do you balance intellectual and emotional support?

How can men improve their emotional connections?

How do emotional connections contribute to resilience?

What advice would you give to men?

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