Some of us are motivated, some are not, and some are conflicted and don’t know what to do.

How do you know, right now, that you are aware of being aware, or conscious?
Henry Reed, poet

This is about the motivation to change. We’d much rather change the situation than change ourselves. We can count on ourselves to work for our best interests. We cannot expect the situation to do the same…

To achieve lasting change, our motivations must match our underlying feelings, the feelings that created the situations that armed the triggers…

Expanding your awareness of yourself is the key to understanding the connection between releasing an aspect of yourself and the things that support it…

Conflicts of Motivation and Opportunity
Being Conscious and Aware
Abstract Motivations
What We Can Describe and What We Can Achieve
Focusing on Dissatisfaction
There are More Steps Beyond Commitment
The Connection Between Sign and Meaning
What Another Person’s Insight Can Do For You

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