COVID-19: Illness & Illumination


A chronicle of the 2020 COVID-19 virus, its cellular biology, public health, culture, government, ecology, and global stewardship implications, along with 12 MP3 audio files for self-hypnosis.


Digital eBook Versions

COVID-19: Illness & Illumination is an epistolary of my experience of having the virus with that of witnessing its appearance on the global scene, the reaction of peoples and governments to it, and the creation of an incomplete and distorted narrative of it.

Into this mix I have added hypnosis: self-hypnosis audio inductions to help a person strengthen immunity and heal from infection. The book includes a dozen hypnotic inductions, available as written text and recorded, downloadable audio, that readers can use and give away.

The book covers the topics of viruses, disease, cellular biology, supplements, gut health, public health, culture, government, ecology, and global stewardship. The book’s main messages are:

  • Your mind can aid your body;
  • Take control of your situation;
  • You are more responsible and more powerful than you think.

Upon purchasing this version of the book you’ll be shown file names and URLs of the digital versions of the book in both the .epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats. Download either or both of these to your local computer. You’ll will need an ebook reader to open these files. Epub and mobi readers are freely available for download for any platform.

At the end of each chapter of the book there is a link to the Dropbox folder in which the audio MP3 self-hypnosis files are located. Go to this URL to either stream or download the audio files.

To purchase hard copies or to order the audiobook, go to the book’s website.


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