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Sleep More and Better, September 2019

This 4-session course is based on my 12-chapter book The Path To Sleep, Exercises For An Ancient Skill. The course includes 4 of the 24 audio exercises included in book. These 4 audio files are listed below and can be listened to be either clicking on the audio players that are embedded on this page, or they can be downloaded to your computer or Smartphone and played without being connected to the internet. You can also read the inductions by downloading the PDF files and either viewing them onscreen, or printing them. Reading is a poor substitute for listening but you can do both.

The complete Path To Sleep book can be purchased through the links at the bottom of this page, but the full book is not necessary for this course.

This course consists of in-class presentations that accompany four audio files. The audio files rely on hypnotic induction to bring you into the material as an emotional experience. By listening to these audio files you can naturally integrate the material that applies to you and suits your needs. You don’t need to analyze, discern, judge, or even understand. To a large extend “understanding” is discouraged because sleeping is a state, not a concept. You don’t need to understand anything. Simply DO the exercises by listening to the audio files, and allow yourself to benefit from them.

This psycho-physical training aims to develop in you beneficial habits and reflexes. Many health and most sleep problems can be approached as opportunities.

Class Topics

CLASS ONE: Physiology of Sleep: Rhythms, Cycles, and Sleep Problems.

CLASS TWO: Issues of Anxiety: Stress, Depression, and Fear

CLASS THREE: Turning to Face Sleep: the Intention of Health, the Role of Dreams

CLASS FOUR: Building a Creative Practice: Recognizing Sleeping as More Useful Than Being Awake

The following audio files are available as readable text (PDF files) or audio files that can be streamed or downloaded (MP3 Files). You can read the words that are spoken in the audio file, but listening to them will be more effective. Listen to one of these files before going to sleep for at least five consecutive days. If you fall asleep while listening, that’s fine, it still counts. Listen to it again the next day. If you fall asleep every time, that’s also fine.

Audio Pieces

Slow Sleep Frequencies (PDF file: text), (MP3 file: download audio);

“This guided meditation will lead you in the transition to refocus your attention from vigilance to reflection. These are very different. Here is the end of anxiousness and all your many structures that maintain it…”

Breath Journey to Sleep (PDF file: text), (MP3 file: download audio);

“We’ll focus our attention on your breathing with the intention of feeling and being it as much as possible…”

Intentions for Sleep, Following TCM (PDF file: text), (MP3 file: download audio);

“I want to take you to the seven elements of sleep: energy, sense of self, reaction, change, obstacles and opportunities, responsibility, and connection…”

Release (PDF file: text), (MP3 file: download audio);

“Starting at the top of your head picture a column of light creating a small, round, warm spot at the crown of your head…”

Liver Connection (PDF file: text), (MP3 file: download audio)

“I want to talk to your organs as if they were parts of your mind… I would like to build a dialog and give voice to your liver…”

Click on the following links to read these articles. It is not necessary to read these articles for this course, I just found them to be interesting.

Reference Articles

How To Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep | Jim Donovan | TEDxYoungstown
(He says the key to falling asleep is rhythm… but then he’s a drummer.)

The Need for Social Disobedience, Aug. 2018
(A metaphore for addressing your sources of tension by engaging them.)

How I Finally Learned to Sleep, Dec. 2018

Want to remember your dreams? Try taking vitamin B6, April 2018

Can vitamin B supercharge your dreams? Sept. 2015

Can we train ourselves to control our dreams? Jan. 2015

Awake within a dream: Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life, Aug. 2014

Sleep – A Prescription for Insight? (original research), 2004

The books Why We Sleep, and Llewellyn’s Complete Book are available as part of a $9/mon subscription to Scribd.com. Otherwise, you’ll have to get these books at the library or buy them. These popular books are easy to read.

Reference Books

Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, by Matthew Walker
A great survey of sleep and the medical and social issues related to it.

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, A Comprehensive Guide to Promote Creativity, Overcome Sleep Disturbances, and Enhance Health and Wellness, by Clare Johnson
Integrates approaches to gaining greater control of your dreams, focusing on personal growth and exploration.

Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, by Jeremy Taylor
Taylor’s classic how-to book on the therapeutic use of dreaming.

I have created the following two books as print and audiobooks. They are available through my website and/or Amazon. While I created them to be listened to, I also include the full written text.

The following URL links take you to each book.

The Path to Sleep, Exercises for and Ancient Skill

Becoming Lucid, Self-Awareness in Dreams and Waking Life

hypnosis neurofeedback health sleep

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