Becoming Lucid : Access to Book and Audio Files


Chapter text and hypnotic audio sessions teaching lucidity in waking state, sleep states, and in dreams.



Becoming Lucid, Self-awareness in Dreams and Waking Life  contains text and hypnotic sessions to enlarge your concept of lucidity, to increase your awareness. These inductions are read by the author, and are available from the book as MP3 files. You can stream these audio files, or download them to a portable audio player.

The training is divided into 9 chapters, and each chapter is expected to take 1 week to learn. This is experiential material. You don’t just read it or hear it, you absorb it by following the exercises, and by listening to the recordings.

The book’s chapters are provided as separate PDF files. Each chapter includes explanation, exercises, and a 15-minute trance induction. You can download and print these PDF files.

Each chapter’s trance induction is available as an audio MP3 file that you can download and play on your own device, or stream from the webpage. Click on the page links in the book to hear or download the MP3 files.

View and hear samples from the book

Upon purchase of the book, you’ll be sent the URL and the password that you’ll need to access the material online.

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