First, you have to understand that we are not one person.

“Dissociation is when a person experiences a temporary separation from their thoughts, actions, surroundings and even memories.”
Jocelyn Solis-Moreira (2023)

You are not one person. Those different moods and urges that sometimes dominate your personality are rooted in your different personalities. They are not complete personalities, there is no complete personality, they exist to respond to such situations as require them.

You have built these personalities in response to emphatic, dramatic, or traumatic situations that required some autonomous action on your part. These autonomous actions, when thoroughly connected with events around you, into the past and into the future, become personalities.

What is Dissociation Really?

The Benefits of Separate Parts

When Dissociation Becomes a Disorder

Amnesia Versus Alternation

Healing Dissociation

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