Past Life Regression


A trance-based, visually charged exploration of images, memories, and associations without goal, requirement, or standard for the purpose of opening to experiences you can’t remember, and lost understanding critical to your development.


“Past Life Regression” (PLR) is a trance-based, visually charged exploration of images, memories, and associations. This often seems at first to be an effort in story-writing but, as is the case for any great story, the story begins to write itself. PLR stories are often truly great, as great or greater than you can imagine. So, quite naturally, they are stories you’ll never forget.

There is no goal, requirement, or standard. No regularity and no expectation. My role is to facilitate, and I do that by building frameworks for your memories, images, and sensations. I encourage things to coalesce, guard against dangers, and confirm your emotions. I can see meanings, options, and concordances that exist in the background and, if you ask, I can alert you to them.

I liken PLR to a journey into an unexplored cavern. I hold the rope that protects you as you climb down. I cannot see you and I cannot make decisions for you, but I judge the safety and direction from what you tell me, which I consider from a more everyday perspective. I provide support and counsel, and if I am uncomfortable I let you know and I protect you. I know where we started, and I can find our way back, so that you don’t have to. You are free to get lost, and to discover. What you find is always authentic, whether either of us understand it or not. Usually I don’t understand it. Usually you do.

A PLR session consists of 30 minute remote, pre-session, 3 hour in-person regression, a remote, post-session follow-up, and a written transcript of the regression.

Prices are listed in US dollars.


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