Becoming Supergenius, Part III: The Learning Project, Rites of Passage


Revelations from people of all ages exploring the meaning of learning and its role in their spirit, life, and growth.


The Becoming Supergenius series

I asked thirty-five people, with over 1,600 years of accumulated experience, how and why they learned. From their answers we can better understand any person’s journey to find their full potential.

Learning requires us to explore where our thinking comes from. Thinking is a complicated process. There is truth to every thought and some context in which every thought makes sense. We can’t examine every idea, as many are unimportant, but we don’t want to focus only on the important few. We need alternatives. We need directions.

We associate genius with aptitude, skill, intelligence, and success. I’ve invented the term “supergenius” to refer to something deeper. If geniuses blaze the trails we follow, supergeniuses blaze trails that we’re not yet ready to. Genius stands out; supergenius often does not.

Parts I and II of the series are titled Becoming Supergenius. They consist of an explanation of 328 points drawn from the original 35 interviews. This third part, The Learning Project, contains the edited transcripts and the background of these interviews.

Part III:
he Learning Project,
Rites of Passage

2019 IPPY Book of the Year Award Winner

     What’s it like to become fully human? In The Learning Project people of all ages and backgrounds recount lives of ecstasy, tragedy, success, and despair. Welcome your rites of passage, because without them you are unchanged.
     The Learning Project is a search for the kind of learning that is most important. It presents 35 in-depth interviews with people of all walks of life coming from different economic backgrounds, races, cultures, and political perspectives. Each person answers the question of how learning changed their life.
Some of these stories go back 15 years, others go back 150. They are stories of modern rites of passage echoing a mythology that goes back thousands of years. Locked in them is the secret to becoming human. I cannot give you the key, but you can find it.

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