Becoming Supergenius, Part I: The Outer World


Part I: The Outer World addresses the environment in which we find ourselves, people’s attitudes about learning, the agents we encounter in our attempts to learn.


The Becoming Supergenius series

I asked thirty-five people, with over 1,600 years of accumulated experience, how and why they learned. From their answers I resolved 328 learning secrets that are part of any person’s journey to find their full potential.

Learning requires us to explore where our thinking comes from. Thinking is a complicated process. There is truth to every thought and some context in which every thought makes sense. We can’t examine every idea, as many are unimportant, but we don’t want to focus only on the important few. We need alternatives. We need directions.

We associate genius with aptitude, skill, intelligence, and success. I’ve invented the term “supergenius” to refer to something deeper. If geniuses blaze the trails we follow, supergeniuses blaze trails that we’re not yet ready to. Genius stands out; supergenius often does not.

Part I: The Outer World

The first volume, The Outer World, addresses the environment in which we find ourselves. We consider the attitudes people have about learning, the actors and agents we encounter in our attempts to learn, where we find these people, and how they behave. These are the practical issues.

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