Personal Conflict Resolution Therapy

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Two Seated Figures, Wayne Thiebaud


The conflict is not the problem…
it’s the solution

5-day, 10-hour remote class instruction


5 remote classes via ZOOM

Class #1
General approach to conflict, presentation, & personality. Who has authority in a conflict, and what are their responsibilities? What is each person’s intention, how do they process the issue, and what is their goal?

Class #2
Clarify and expand on the rational ideas, the explanation of the conflict. Trace these to their emotions. How well are they understood?

Class #3
Explore the depth of each person’s emotions. Can we understand their emotional triggers? What are the origins of conflict? What fears are unspoken, what fears are subconscious?

Class #4
Invite emotional responses without confrontation. The disruptive party introduces chaos to get in touch with themselves. The opposing party can be the mirror when they appreciate the purpose of the assault.

Class #5
Building hypnotic rapport. Reveal and connect to each person’s deeper needs and higher purpose. Build an inclusive structure. Review the past, reframe the present, imagine the future.


Class #1 – Monday, June 5th, 5 – 7:00 PM PST

Class #2 – Tuesday, June 6th, 5 – 7:00 PM PST

Class #3 – Wednesday, June 7th, 5 – 7:00 PM PST

Class #4 – Thursday, June 8th, 5 – 7:00 PM PST

Class #5 – Friday, June 9th, 5 – 7:00 PM PST