Psychology In Business Workshop
Six Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM
Oct. 2 — Nov. 6, 2019
Central Branch, Victoria Public Library
735 Broughton St
Victoria, BC

— Goal —

Growth  | Progress | Value | Structure

— Means —

Remediation | Exploration | Evolution

business growth failure evolution emotion intellect

A workshop on awareness, effectiveness, and insight into people and yourself in the conduct of business. Most people are incompetent as entrepreneurs because they are poorly trained and untested. The prime reason most new businesses fail is that people make decisions that are not aligned with their goals, they have no goals, they make no decisions, or they cannot communicate. Of all the skills in which people are most lacking, the primary lack is an understanding of oneself and others.

I take a three-part approach with my clients and in my research: to remediate, enlighten, and enhance. These three perspectives are critical for progress in any project:

  • recognize and address flaws
  • always expand one’s vision
  • strengthen skills that can be brought to bear

For most people and in most projects, one of these areas fails most egregiously, but you cannot fix one without having strength in the others. Growth rests on this tripod so we must be all of these things: our own therapist, mentor, and advocate.

Business is the crucible of experience. That light you see at the end of the tunnel is not daylight, and because most people fail to develop these skills they do not fare well. The primary tools that get you through these situations are your emotional skills, first, and your ability to reason, second. That’s psychology.

Remediation 1

We are all composed of multiple selves who must express themselves, communicate, and collaborate. The source of emotional ignorance is the conflict between the memory and perception of your selves. Approach integration calmly. Reconciliation takes work.

Exploration 1

You learn little by study, more by teaching, and most by failing. This requires a collaboration between emotion and intellect and the acceptance of struggle. Growth is always a struggle. Navigate reality by expanding your notions of cause and effect. Welcome resistance.

Evolution 1

Where remediation is fixing what doesn’t work, evolution is breaking what does: a process of giving up to regain. Cashing in to make new investments. This happens with your emotions, too. Sometimes evolution blooms in the field—other times it burns down the forest.

Remediation 2

We repress parts of our personality to our detriment. We’re all crazy and should welcome that as a reflection of how we struggle with what we don’t know.

Exploration 2

Do you know how to learn? How to benefit from ignorance? As much as we love it, clarity is not an asset. All great steps forward begin with not knowing what to do next.

Evolution 2

You are unaware of most of your skills. Either you were discouraged from developing them, or you have been rewarded without being seriously trained. If you have not been pushed to the edge of breaking, then you have not been trained.

I will be writing all the materials for the workshop, which will be made available electronically. You will need to devote some time to the workshop because I will kick your butt and make you think. I will address everyone individually in the workshop and consider your individual issues privately. This is personal work. You must have skin in the game to be rewarded. The requirements for this workshop are that you attend and that you get more than enough sleep.

Course Sequence

Sessions 1 & 2: multiple aspects of your personality: conflict, passive aggression, and change.

Sessions 3 & 4: taking risks, judgment, communications, innovation and conflict.

Sessions 5 & 6: failing productively, engaging chaos, re-purposing, and re-creating.

business growth evolution emotion intellect
$150 (Viatec member) / $250 (Non-member)
Six Consecutive Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM
Oct. 2 — Nov. 6, 2019
Downtown Victoria

Central Branch, Victoria Public Library
735 Broughton Street
Victoria, BC

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