Lincoln Stoller

I grew up with and was mentored by the colleagues of Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Calder, Buckminster Fuller, and Albert Einstein. All of my family members lived for art and design, and were mature in their practice of it. I took an observer’s attitude and found my own path into natural and personal philosophy. The first led me to become a scientist, the second to become a shaman/therapist.

As a teenager, I traveled the world climbing mountains and, in the process, fell 1,000 feet off the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, crashed my airplane, collapsed my horse, sank in quicksand, swam across the arctic sea, and was buried in an avalanche. Over the years, 8 climbing partners lost their lives, most to avalanches, so I decided to slow down and pay more attention to people. I became involved with families in Panama, Mongolia, and the Caribbean by helping family members attend school, work, and immigrate to the US.

During this time I attended seven colleges in Massachusetts and California, got a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics in Texas, and founded a software company specializing in business automation. Building on my interests in physics, neurophysiology, anthropology, education, and psychology, I am now a therapist and mentor living in British Columbia, Canada, where I work with clients locally and remotely. I have two wonderful ex-wives, and two wonderful sons. I can be contacted through the contact form below, or by email at LS [at] mindstrengthbalance [dot] com.

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