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Past Life, Future Life, Parts Therapy

The Benefits are Amazing

Regression to current and past life experiences reshapes the present and future.

Progression to future lives reveals how your greatest resources will guide you.

Between-life experiences give you a wholeness beyond mind, a purpose beyond history, and a place where we heal our hearts, giving us new potential for deep gratitude and self-affirming defiance.

Spiritual Hypnosis presents life from the largest perspective.

Reframe, Resequence and Reimage memories and emotions.

Parts therapy allows you to put down the frustrating pretense that you are just one person. When all your voices speak you can know, recognize, and respect yourself. Drop the guilt and self-doubt. Meet yourself, love yourself.


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Spiritual Hypnosis uses creative states of mind where your unconscious mind is dominant: trance, past lives, parts therapy, and more.

You are completely aware and in control in this super conscious state. You will discover yourself to be so much more than you were conscious of.

How it Works

Spiritual Regression uses creative states of mind where your unconscious mind is dominant. These deeply relaxed trance states are induced using guided visualization and neurofeedback. Visions, memories, and emotions bubble into consciousness forming a narrative of a life in another place and time, sometimes earthly, sometimes not. You are completely aware and in control in this super conscious state. We call these past-life and between-life experiences.

Together, through dialog, we travel through personal, symbolic narratives that appear in forms most meaningful to you. I hold the space, encouraging you to be accepting and patient. By tuning the feedback you receive about your own brain state I help guide you past darkness and anxiety. In this super conscious state so much is astonishing, anything is possible, and everything is significant. You set the pace and the path to entirely new territories.

Parts Therapy is a return to our natural creative state, the state of choices and possibilities. This is not the state of being a well-behaved, guardian of virtue, and proper social behavior but rather who we truly are: multi-faceted individuals navigating a world of chaos and mystery, shielding ourselves with our ego’s pretense of one, single personality.

I simply allow you to speak freely, and I act to enforce and assure each part of you that you will be heard, respected, and honored. The social “iron curtain” is lifted and voices of pain, happiness, hope, and genius are free. You are truly a society of voices, and only by uniting these voices can you be whole.

What to Expect

Regression Improves Life

Spiritual regression requires no drugs, diet, or special belief system. You need only be open to what emerges, and trust that I will be an accepting scribe and emotional anchor. The fewer preconceptions you have about who you are, and what constitutes your problems, the better prepared you’ll be. The stories you tell will be strange, sometimes resonant and sometimes disorienting. You may come face to face with your own obstacles, traumas, or resistance. You may enter states of experience completely unfamiliar, melancholic, disturbing, deeply loving, or euphoric.

Parts therapy requires no wild rejection of being normal, it is normal. Forcing yourself to speak with one mind is what is abnormal! You don’t need to “do” anything, rather you need to stop shaming, threatening, and bullying yourself into the silencing of your doubts, hopes, fears, and inspiration. What comes out is nothing short of amazing. Do you think you know yourself? I doubt it. Come meet all the voices who reside within yourself. See them, respect them, hear them, accept them. There is no peace until you do.

Being Prepared

Trance work is easy to master

“Lincoln Stoller’s Regression Therapy caught me by surprise. He carefully and simply lead me into a state where I encountered an unexpected unfolding of deep symbols and images. Scenes that I wouldn’t have believed I could imagine, but that were somehow right and familiar, organically grew out of each other. Most of the images were not what you would call pleasant or radiant, but they gave me the reassuring feeling that there was much more to me than I had been aware.

The two days following my session put me on different ground. I wrote two pieces of music atypical of my usual work that came effortlessly, and fully-formed. They had that same familiar strangeness, and the overriding feeling was that a block had been broken.

This seems to be a new kind of therapy wherein the therapist’s models of mental health never enter the picture. Lincoln allowed me to present my subconscious to myself while I was conscious. What was buried came to light.” — Nick K.

What it Takes

Fees and Results

Regression and Parts Therapy sessions take 2 to 4 hours. They are different, but you may find yourself doing both. The session may be transcribed or recorded for your review. Repeated journeys open new narratives, deeper places, and a miraculous integration of yourself, your life, and your history.

Reserve 3 to 4 hours. You will lose track of time. Plan for free time afterwards. It feels like remembering. You won’t forget.