Holistic Entrepreneur: Lincoln Speaks with Bonnie Groessl


As a guest on Bonnie Groessl’s Holistic Entrepreneur, Lincoln Stoller illustrates how evolution continues as long as energy is available. Growth through birth, death, and development progresses in phases throughout your life as well as your business. Join us for an enlightening conversation!


As a guest on Bonnie Groessl’s Holistic Entrepreneur, Lincoln Stoller discusses the role of self-awareness and consciousness in life and business. Growth occurs quantitatively and qualitatively. You grow into an improved version of who you are, and into better versions of who you could be. You are not driving this process, your insight into it is limited, and your control of it is somewhat unnecessary. To a large degree, you must meet your authentic self and follow it.

The “getting more of” kind of growth you know how to do, even if you don’t yet know how to do it well. The “becoming different than” kind of growth you cannot know how to do, but you will still participate in it. You are called upon to become both a master of self-control and chaos.

Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt (certified hypnotherapist) is a physicist, astronomer, statistician, neurologist, psychologist, entrepreneur, software architect, hypnotist, therapist, aviator, mountaineer, educator, and author, with experience in science, business, project management, teaching, biofeedback training, and hypnotherapy. Lincoln is interested in the mind’s connection to the physical and spiritual worlds.

Working from physical, intellectual, and spiritual experience, he offers a unique perspective that can help you live better in this world.

Lincoln and Bonnie Discuss Lucidity – Audio Preview

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