About The Project

The Learning Project makes deep insights available through interviews on the subject of learning, collected from people in different fields. The interviews come from young people of high school age, people in their middle-age who are pursuing a career, and established elders.

All the people interviewed in the project are asked:
- What are the most important things you've learned?
- How did you learn them?
- What have you, or do you hope to accomplish?

The learning project weaves a dialog on the subject of learning, where "learning" is used in the sense of building one's life. Learning to grow up human. This is a kind of learning that each person must define and execute for themselves.

How It Started

The Learning Project combines my experiences from learning as a young person through and beyond middle age. I was independent-minded from childhood. I began rock climbing at 13 and, without the help of anyone in my family or community, I was planning major mountaineering expeditions by the age of 16. These early projects taught me that important questions were not easy to find or to answer.

Since I was interested in science in high school but didn't know what it involved, I went to speak to the best scientists I could find. I contacted Eugene P. Wigner, 1963 Nobel Laureat in quantum physics. He was so excited to hear from me, though he'd never heard from me before, that he offered to pick me up at the train station. From Eugene Wigner I began to learn the usefulness of wise advice. 45 years later I appreciate how important good advice is … and that it's almost entirely unavailable to young people.

Where It Ends

Following your heart is what this book is about. Consider how these insights might be of use to you. It's your journey, and it never ends.

– Lincoln Stoller, New York, 2016


Copyright © 2016, Lincoln Stoller

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