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How you organize your day and orient yourself for sleep is called “sleep hygiene,” but I don’t like the word. It’s too small and it sounds like something done at the sink. How you organize your day is all about thoughts, moods, and time-use patterns. These are habits ingrained to the point of addiction: rituals, routines, and requirements that you’ve built around yourself. They’re connected to changes of mood, food, light, crowds, and even TV schedules. If you want to change them, if you NEED to change them, then you have to recognize the patterns, the connections, the resistance, and the responsibility. Few to none of the other people, partners, partisans, parents, children, or co-workers will appreciate why you need to change your patterns. It won’t be enough to know why you need to change, you’ll need to feel why. This is our topic.
(Meet in Room #1, in the 900s stacks)

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