Lucid Dreaming Workshop
Becoming lucid means becoming more aware, and aware of more.
Lucid dreaming means being in communication with your dreams.
Dream communication reveals who you are capable of becoming.
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Becoming Lucid

    1. Sleep well, sleep a lot.
    2. Recognize your dreams’ purpose.
    3. Accept and work for this purpose.
    4. Work to remember; recollection IS involvement.
    5. Become open and vulnerable to your emotions.
    6. Dreams speak to relevance in life: make your life relevant.
    7. Understand your multiple realities.
    8. Be open to revelation through dreams.

Learn to play a constructive role in your own dream process and you will be rewarded with lucidity.
Dreaming dreams

Time is a canvas. Experience time passing as the rhythm of your life.
Frequency is the measure of time. Tune your body’s rhythms.
You are a song of attention. Refine your awareness.
Synchronize your energies in sleep.


Stress causes exhaustion. Remove it from every bone, joint, muscle, and organ.
Relax your presence and expectations. Explore reframing everything.
Examine reality. Consider what’s plausible. Create new possibilites.
Accept dreams as a thinking process to be involved with.


Dreams are a pantomime of legacy, action, thought, and feeling.
You are an actor in a hologram where every object is a prism.
You are in every story but always larger than it.
Illuminate awareness through dreaming.


Other memories of your history lead to other aspects of yourself that now exist.
Different future choices lead to different persons you could become.
In dreams these come together simultaneously.
Dreams recombine many possibilities.
Accept your creativity.

In Becoming Lucid you will learn:

  • A new relationship with sleep; to dream as an invitation.

  • Dreams as mental rhythms.

  • To accept dreams as feeling, moods, and emotions.

  • To explore both conscious and subconscious issues, the literal and the symbolic.

  • Anxieties are like patients coming to you for help.

  • Greater clarity, depth, and intention when asleep and while awake.

  • Broader focus to embrace more of what is important.

  • A deeper grounding that comes from listening to more parts of yourself.

  • Pay more attention to the process of attention, and less attention to the objects of it.

  • Sleep as the measure of your psycho-physical health.

  • Your life depends on giving sleep an importance equal to wakefulness.

  • An opportunity to explore dreams as a source of creative potential and revelation.

7 Weekly 90-minute classes
Wednesday September 19 through October 31
3:00 to 4:30 PM
Cedar Lane Studio, 210 Cedar Lane, Salt Spring Island
All Classes, Text and Audio Files
CA$ 220

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