Diatoms in Stratosphere

A Proposed Diatom Stratospheric Life Form, by Lincoln Stoller, PhD
Copyright ©2018, Lincoln Stoller
Submitted for publication Feb. 2018.

We propose a species of diatom that conducts its full life cycle in the lower stratosphere by suggesting
physical, chemical, and electrical mechanisms to maintain its location and metabolism. The life form
we propose exploits hydrogen sulfates to create water for hydration, hydrogen for buoyancy, and
energy for metabolic processes. We detail a mechanism for harvesting negative ions by stable altitude
cycling in the stratosphere’s voltage gradient. This theoretical, predictive approach can be applied to
terrestrial and extra-terrestrial atmospheric biomes. We argue for new observations that preserve the in
vivo conditions of the sampling environment in order to determine the existence of fragile life forms in
the stratosphere.

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