I’ve moved my podcasts to substack, where you’ll now find them at


At that page you can subscribe by entering your email, then you’ll then get an email announcement when I publish a new podcast.

One needs a audio service provider to handle the large audio files and the linking to podcast services. I’ve moved from Podbean, where I started creating podcasts a year ago. The interface there was good but the price was high, and I don’t subscribe to the advertising model that interrupts the audio to inject the pitching of products that I cannot control.

Substack is aiming for more discerning readership and a subscription model, both of which I prefer. For the time being, however, the blog and the podcast are still free.

I’ve moved most of the archived podcasts over to Substack, so you can find all of last year’s audios there. I didn’t move the podcasts relating to the COVID-19 book because they’re generally misunderstood. You can get these audios at no extra cost when you order the book, COVID-19, Illness & Illumination, available at these outlets: https://books2read.com/covid19illness.

Hope you’ll list at Substack.