Frequencies for Sleep: Heart and Breath Rhythms


Two guided visualizations to develop your body’s frequencies for sleep.


Two guided visualizations to teach you to develop an engaged state of sleep by enhancing your body’s frequencies. You’ll find different frequencies in this series may draw you more strongly. The first of these connects you to heart, and pulse rhythm. The second to the breath, and breath rhythm.

These sleep visualizations amplify two of a larger set of body frequencies associated with sleep. Listen to either of these guided visualizations as you fall asleep for the purpose of inducing, strengthening, maintaining, and improving the restorative quality of your sleep.

These two files are free for you to download, listen to, and distribute. Other frequency visualizations in this Sleep Frequency series will be available for purchase.

DO NOT listen to these audio files while operating machinery or where at risk of distracting attention.

After purchasing these audio files you’ll be sent an email titled Purchase Receipt with links to the downloadable MP3 files.


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