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Quantum physicist, spiritual hypnotism, medical hypnotherapy, neurofeedback & deep learning guide interested in the evolution of natural, personal, and transpersonal structures.

The Path To Sleep


"I've published the book The Path to Sleep, an audiobook available through CD Baby by clicking here. The Path to Sleep leads you through 27 hypnotic meditations to integrate mind and body; paths of attention

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Focused Rhythm


"Imagine a Ferris wheel turning in a small county fair just after twilight. Lit with colored lights but quiet, tall and peaceful. And you get on the wheel through a low gate to sit in

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Relaxation Story


"Get above your fishbowl and look around. You can do that now. There is so much air and light, every lungful of this hologram is an ocean you’ve never explored if you can only sense its

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Seeing Stars


Exercises in Enhanced Perception "What does it mean to perceive something? It’s not enough to see it without some understanding... If you don’t understand, then you don’t know what we’re looking at. And if you

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Perceiving Nature


I have wondered about consciousness, journeyed through conformity, and communed with insanity. I believe nature is the best mirror in which to see one’s mind. I have been led to recognize awareness as key. One

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Hypnotic Brainwaves


The connections I’m making between the frequencies and subjective states are new. The connection between the brainwaves and subjective states is unexplored. Mary is the first person to present such a clear shift in consciousness

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Learn to Think


I would like to teach you how to think. I would like to take you in the airplane of your mind, open the door, and invite you to jump out... 40 years ago I asked

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The Body Electric: Circuits 2


The Wiring Your Body Electric series approaches your body's currents, frequencies, and resonances. These are living processes only that cannot be seen outside your body. In this second circuit visualization, the Star Circuit, we follow the circulation of this

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The Body Electric: Circuits


I have created an electrical visualization to direct your attention to currents in your body. In this Heart Circuit visualization you're asked to participate in the process of charging the battery that drives your system. Listen to

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